Car Showroom Russ + Janot in Erfurt

The car showroom Russ & Janot is situated in direct neighbourhood of airport and the highway A71. It is the gate to the Erfurt. The exhibition hall for new vehicles with office gallery and conference rooms are characterised by triangle shape. Steel, glass, exposed concrete and colourful walls are the main material used. Transparent display windows show the presentation of high-quality vehicles. Open-plan offices encourage the communication between clients and employees. The three-stage stepped exhibition hall fascinates through the filigree steel construction and the slim steel columns. The 12° tilted post-and-beam glass façade is strongly dematerialised and supported with a statistic force flow. A glazed joint separates the hall from the workshop whose punctuated façade is integrated with aluminium corrugated sheets.

The architecture of the workshop fills the technical and functional requirements through a reduction of the construction elements: in the vehicle store room built in reinforced concrete there is a two-storey and L-formed hall with steel cassette wall. A large scale of roof light integrated in the trapezoidal metal sheet roof reduces the energy demand. The exhibition hall and the workshop are connected by open corridors and bridges to enable a view of the daily business. The technical equipment of the new building is minimized by an energy and building concept.

  • Building cost: 13.500.000 €
  • Gross floor area: 9.052,00 m²
  • Gross cubic volume: 53.110,00 m³
  • Planning services:  Phase 1 - 9

Project address:  Grundstücksgesellschaft Russ & Janot GbRBinderslebener Landstr. 92, 99092 Erfurt