Catholic Kindergarten St. Hedwig in Stuttgart

The building is designed as a subtle plastic structure which is distinct and different from the surrounding buildings. It is a landmark in the city besides the distinctive church. The building is appropriate embedded in the topography and creates a ground floor in the street level and a slope floor in the church square level. Several complex rooms with different orientation are designed to meet the specific requirements of the kindergarten. The slight bend on the north and south façade creates a soft transition to the street as well as to the garden and playground in the slope floor. The representative building entrance is situated in the south. The group rooms are allocated in the quiet east and west sides. 

The double-storey building houses a hall in the heart of the kindergarten. It stimulates an open atmosphere and enable a fixed orientation through the stunning view of the church. The illumination of the new building comes through the double-storey height glazing in the north which opens to a roof light, thus making a desirable daylight atmosphere.