Center for Mental Health in Stuttgart-Germany

Two compact buildings with inner courtyards complement the existing building and realign the site to the north and the east.
The narrowness of the site is compensated by the adjacent open fields with panoramic view and landscape in the north and the east.

The selected arrangement of the two building structures allows a "free flow“of the landscape. One can sense the existing topography through the entrance hall with the natural terrain from the south to the north.

The division of the building mass leads to a centerpiece that is based on the existing structure. Two angularly arranged cubic compact structures form the new center for mental health.

The chosen form fulfills the complex functional requirements through the double-station with the sharing of common areas.
All double-stations function independently and can also be conducted as closed stations as needed with the user-friendly and well-oriented accessibility of the circulation systems.

The exterior of the hospital should match with the existing site on the one hand and on the other hand it should be distinguishable as an individual and separate building. The center houses 242 beds, a school for patients, a 24-bed outpatient clinic at the department of child and adolescent psychiatry and 20 places in the rehabilitation center.

1st rank in the Europe-wide competition
for planing the health center with Gustav Epple Gmbh

  • Duration of construction: 2010-2011
  • Planing service: LPH 1-5
  • Building cost: 65.000.000 €
  • Gross floor area: 28.600,00 m²
  • Gross cubic volume: 108.400,00 m³

Client: Klinikum Stuttgart, Kriegsbergstraße 60, 70374 Stuttgart

Klinikum Stuttgart
Prießnitzweg 24
70374 Stuttgart