Community Centre St. Franziskus, Weilheim/Teck

3rd Prize - Realization Competition

The park-like site with old trees between the St. Franziskus church and the new community centre influences the urbanistic arrangement of the building. A glazed axis directs the visitors from the vestibule through the foyer to the community hall. The view of St. Franziskus church is presented in a picture like frame. The elevated space and the design in terms of colour emphasize the heart of the building – the community hall -, while the adjoining rooms and groups rooms are situated in the west and the east in a closed cubature with a separate possibility of uses. The vestibule with cloakroom is added in the course of detail planning. Minimal material choices, clear design as well as an optimal functional space allocation with high flexibility identify the architecture of this community centre.

  • Third Prize – Realization Competition
  • Building cost: 990.000,00 €
  • Gross floor area: 490,00 m²
  • Gross cubic volume: 1.9.0, 00 m²

Client: Katholisches Pfarramt
Friedhofstraße 7, 73235 Weilheim