Development of a gym and designing the open area for "Schloss Stutensee"

1st Prize

The new buildings for the primary and special school and for the sports and gymnastics halls have been arranged in such a way that they form and open school campus together with the Heinrich Wetzlar House. The triple-section sports hall is positioned to the south of the outdoor pitch. The foyer serves as a connecting link between the school campus and the pitch.

The proportions and the heights of the different buildung units are based on those of the existing buildungs ans held to integrate the new buildings in the existing ensemble. The two functional units - sports hall ans gymnastics hall - stand out and are connected together by an elegant single-storey buidling.

The structure has a strictly functional organisation. The central entrance hall has a distinct identity from the campus on one side and outdoor pitch on the other and links the two functional units - the sports hall on the one side and the gymnastics hall on the other - in a way that attractively and efficiently aids orientation.

The sports hall is situated to the west of the entrance hall. The short routes to the changing rooms and a continous row of equipment rooms on the south side dictate the functionality of this area. The spectator stand is situated above the equipment rooms in the south and is accessed via a single.flight, exposed staircase and the lift from the entrance hall.

A projecting roof protects the sports hall from the high summer sun and goes a long way towards protecting the sports hall area from the heat in summer. On the other hand, the low winter sun can contribute without hindrance to the daylight illumination of the hall and generate necessary solar gain via the set-back facade on the stand side.

The gymnastic halls area is situated to the east of the entrance hall and forms the focal point around which the other treatment and function rooms are grouped. A kiosk in the entrace hall serves customers indoors and outdoors.

The building's appearance is dominated by sparse details and a paucity of materials. The load-bearing structure is of fairface concrete. Untreated wood-based materials contrast subtly with the fair-face concrete in the interior and bring visual warmth into the buildung. The facades have been clad with high-grade and durable brickwork to form a wall of rear-ventilated facework.