Extension of City Hall in Weilheim

1st Prize

»Old building and new building are connected consequentially, spacious with good orientation and natural lighting …«

The present city hall has a south-oriented annexe in a form of three-storey longhouse with steep ridged roof. The building is stringent organized with double-loaded corridors and accommodates most of the office rooms for administration purpose. The eaves height and ridge height of the extension building oriented to the historic city hall. The materiality and form of the extension building’s roof landscape integrates with the roof landscape of the city.

A glass-joint separates and simultaneously connects the orthogonal new building with the present city hall. The former roof form of the historic city hall is reconstructed to retrieve its originality. A bounteous angle is formed between the present city hall and the extension. The intersection is completed in an organic special form. The complex special form is oriented to direction of the market square through the city hall alley. It possesses a conference room in the first floor and a central citizen’s registry office in the ground floor. 

Both rooms with its special architectural form derived from its miscellaneous functions are the important elements of the communal self-administration and the citizen’s pride. The former city hall is solely modified in the ground floor. It is reconstructed into the former situation, at least for the high elevated ground floor. A barrier-free access at ground level directs the visitors to the city hall from the market square. A classy hall replaces the former clustered space. An important though hardly noticeable part of the overall project is the double-storey underground car park with 104 spaces. Its entrance and exit are ideally placed above the underground ditch without giving any interference for the city centre.

  • Building cost: 8.500.000 €
  • Gross floor area: aboveground: 2.100,00 m² / underground: 4.900,00 m² 
  • Gross cubic volume: aboveground: 7.700,00 m³ / underground: 12.500,00 m³
  • Planning service: Phase 1 – 9

Client: City of Weilheim, 73235 Weilheim

Pictures: Dirk Wilhelmy