Realization Competition for Extension of Schlossgut Hohenbeilstein

Awarding authority: Hartmann Dippon Family, Beilstein

A sculptural solitary building forms a contrast to the existing buildings. A bond bridge from the new building forms a connection with the existing building and thus defines the unity of the winery. The new building orients to the Bottwartal direction as well as to the wine yard and palace direction without having any preferences. The main entrance to the shopping area is almost located on the existing shopping area level. This space with its unusual proportion opens to the landscape and creates a special frame for a particular product. Minimal furnishing as well as cautious chosen materials and detail planning create an impressive and distinctive space for wine selling and wine tasting. The event room offers a distinctive spatial experience through its layout and orientation. Bottwartal, wine yard and palace are equally presented. The building is accessible from the ground floor and the upper floor. The new extension is jointed to the existing building by a connection walkway which is integrated with cloak room, terrace, sanitary areas and pantry.