Fire department in Dußlingen

1st Prize

» The strength of this project is because of all the requirements for functionality and aesthetic are met well. Furthermore, this sensible designed fire station appears unagitated and calm. «

The new fire station of the Volunteer Fire Department Dußlingen is located directly at the southern entrance of the community and is parallel to the main road B27. With its clear and confident architecture language, the solitaire building manages to appear as a "Namecard" of the community Dußlingen who drive past the main road.
This project has several challenges: on the one hand there are meticulously structured processes of the fire department and on the other hand there are spatial needs of the various technical equipment and vehicles. In addition, the cost limit of the three million Euro project has to be strictly followed.
An elongated building structure parallel to the main road forms the "exterior look" of the new building. A huge glazing in the entrance area and vehicle hall makes a significant contrast to the closed facade made of anthracite-colored bricks.
The clarity of the building form continues as a design concept in all areas of the building and grants the new building a desired charm. The centre of the building is the radio room which is centrally located between the vehicle hall and the entrance areas.
The foyer forms the heart of the building. It is accessed via the main entrance, the vehicle hall and the alarm entrance in the north. The staircase leads to the training and Youth room and their secondary rooms in upstairs. Additionally the foyer and the staircase areas are supplied by daylight by a huge skylight.
North of the new building are the parking lots for firemen. The changing rooms are directly located between alarm entrance and vehicle hall in order to make the shortest route for the firemen. This ensures that the vehicle hall can be reached immediately and the fire vehicle could get directly to the main road as soon as possible.
The wash hall - in the southern part of the new building - is used as an additional parking space in everyday life and thus increases seven of parking spaces.

  • Building cost: 3.000.000 €
  • Gross floor area: main building: 2.159,00 m² 
  • Gross cubic volume: main building: 8.191,00 m³
  • Planning service: Phase 1 – 9

Client: Gemeinde Dußlingen

Feuerwehr Dußlingen
Hechinger Straße 112
72144 Dußlingen