Fire Station Aich

1st Prize

The Site for the fire station in Schlaitdorfer Road is located in the town entrance of Aich. The entrance of the town will be defined by this new landmark building. The folding as the building design is a result of an intensive analysis of the various functions for this fire station. A fire station is an important building in the town planning and it should be a distinctive architecture which is clearly recognizable. With the folding it is possible to have different ceiling heights and to allocate several store rooms, conference room as well as changing room under a roof. The arrangement of the fire brigade compartments optimizes the rapid operation of the fire brigade in the case of an alarm situation. This design enlivens the façade with interesting shadow plays at different times of day.

  • Building cost: 1.330.000,00 €
  • Gross cubic volume: 4.330,00 m³

Client: City of Aichtal

72631 Aichtal