Greiner bio-one GmbH in Frickenhausen

The company Greiner bio-one GmbH expands in Frickenhausen with an administrative building for 58 employees. The new building with two building blocks shifted against each other. The intermediate communication space emphasizes the entrance to the town Frickenhausen. The building situated in the heavily frequented Nürtingen Street is elevated through a pedestal-like storey. Its flexibility allows allocation of single workplace, group workplace and open-plan office. The façade with vertical glazed windows in post-and-beam construction is equipped with sun protection integrated in the horizontal parapet. The walls and the staircase structure the elongated building. An optimal lighting of the offices is achieved by a low window sill and a large scale of glazed surface. The partitions between the communication zone and the offices are glazed. This transparency enables a high degree of communication in each storey. A three-storey void connects every level.

The exposed concrete ceiling is used as a building part tempering with integrated hot and cold water pipe. As a result there will be no need of air-conditioner.  The sun protection screen is equipped with light-guide technology. The electro technical programme could be programmed and be controlled individually.

  • Building cost: 4.065.000,00 €
  • Gross floor area: 2.750,00 m² 
  • Gross cubic volume: 9.000,00 m³
  • Client: C. A. Greiner & Söhne GmbH + Co. KG
  • Planning service: Phase 1 - 9

Project address: Maybachstraße 2,

72636 Frickenhausen