House in Swabian Alb, Bad Urach


The price-winning recreation home by Professor G. Schneck built in year 1930 was listed as a special historical monument in year 1983. The monument of the New Architecture which realised the intellect and ambition of the former avant-garde architects withstood over the last few decades. It was in its original form when it was renovated and modified as a conference venue in the end of the 80s. The main idea is to conserve most of its original architecture. Due to the lack of space in the monument for the space programme, the North-wing is extended into a double-storey building for facility manager’s residence. Kitchen storage and garage are built separately. Besides, the room’s wing has a full basement in order to allocate more space for leisure activities like bowling room and sauna room. All the requirements for fire security, living comfort and seminar concern are taken into account. One the one hand the building is conserved in its primitive state and on the other hand the seminar participants can experience a modern classical architecture.

  • Building cost: 7.500.00 €
  • Gross florr area: old building 6.270,00 m²/new
  • Building 550,00 m²
  • Gross cubic volume: old building 18.658,00 m³/
  • New building 1.220,00 m³
  • Planing service: Phase 1- 9

Client: State of Baden-Württemberg

Project address: Hanner Steige 1, 72574 Bad Urach