Köngen Palace

In 1991 the Köngen community acquired the ruinous Köngen palace. The palace is originated from a medieval water castle and transformed in the early 19 century. It served as a residential purpose for a few decades and at times vacant. There are serious building damages due to lack of maintenance. To avoid further damage of the historical monument, the first protection measure began in 1995.For the purpose of conservation and preservation, the exterior and interior appearance should have as few changes as possible. The façade and the roof structure with the enclosure walls, the wooden windows and the brick roof surface should remain the character of the historic monument.

The great hall in the first floor which is preserved in its original state is the most interesting and art-historically important space of the palace. The historic impression of the room and hall is re-observable by the restoration of the old décors like wall and ceiling planking, plastering and painting. Only absolutely inevitable structural elements demands modern amendments in accordance to the state preservation council.

  • Building cost:: 10.000.000 €
  • Gross cubic volume: 11.700,00 m³
  • Planning service: LPH 1–9
  • Construction period: 2005-2009
  • Client: Köngen Community

Project address: Blumenstraße 5, 73257 Köngen