Kreissparkasse Wolfschlugen

The building ensemble of Kreissparkasse and Catholic Church St. Josef was built by our office in 1980. A new extension for the Kreissparkasse building with a 24-hours foyer should expand the service of the bank. The limited bank budget requires a sparing use of the building construction but also an architectural solution for an effective advertisement. The dominant pediment will be made of two concrete slabs (floor – roof) and spanned by a glass skin. A steel curtain made of curved aluminium sheets functions as fixed sun protection and is broken through a display window in the form of a peep-show cabinet for the exhibition and advertisement. The fine details support the wish of creating a high transparency and dematerialisation. The glasses are separated from the old and new buildings. Transparent office partitions in the old building make this long building appears shorter. The discrete cash-desk is a sculptural red box of three-dimensional accents. The materials are in natural condition and the colours are limited in black, white and their intermediate tones. Glass and filigree steel dominate the modern interior furnishing and connect the exterior and interior into a harmonic unit.

  • Building cost: 715.808 €
  • Gross floor area: old building: 160,00 m² / new building: 49,00 m²
  • Gross cubic volume: old building: 540,00 m³ / new building: 135,00 m³
  • Planning services:  Phase 1 – 8

Client: Kreissparkasse Esslingen

Project address: Nürtinger Straße 1

72649 Wolfschlugen