Multi-Phase Projekt for Extension of Max-Plank Secondary School in Nürtingen

1st Prize

extract of Jury evaluation: »… the joint situation in the transition to the old building is rated positively… From the linear walkway it is of course that a staircase is developed connecting all storeys… Overall it is a very good project for the extension of Max-Planck Secondary School ...«

The listed Max-Planck secondary school forms an unpretentious and a direct school entrée with the schoolyard. The new extension appeals simple to avoid interference for the town structures but yet significant enough to emphasize a new development of the existing historical building. 

The minimal boarder distance in the west minimises the inevitable overlapping of both new and old buildings. A schoolyard is formed and surrounded by the new extension and existing trees. The three-storey extension follows the height of its old historical neighbour.

The space programme comprises mainly nine classrooms as well as two spacious music rooms in the ground floor, which can be expanded together with the foyer into a spacious assembly hall. The assembly hall can accommodate about 200 people. Besides, its orientation to the schoolyard enables a variety of activities in summer.

  • Building cost: 3.100,00 €
  • Gross floor area: 2.340,00 m²
  • Gross cubic volume: 8.750,00 m³
  • Planning service: Phase 1 – 9

Client: Nürtingen City, State Building Department, 72622 Nürtingen