New Apostolic Church in Filderstadt-Bonlanden

Awarding authority: New Apostolic Church of South Germany K.d.ö.R

The new building of the new apostolic church in Bonlanden is situated on the outskirts at the interface of living and commercial areas. A plastic solitary detaches itself from the surrounding and reacts to the town centre and the existing accessibility system. All spatially and functional requirements are met under one roof. Foyer and multi-function hall are placed appropriately in the lowest storey. The church has a special meaning in both horizontal and vertical dimensions where the altar is oriented to. The tilted altar wall is illuminated by a roof light and functions as a special background of the altar.

While the north wall in the church is cautiously illuminated by a narrow vertical glass band, the south wall is generously illuminated. A directed art of glass brings the south – east natural lighting to the altar. The church is connected to two multi-function halls through the foyer to house bigger church services and other activities.