Nuclearmedicinal Clinic and Isotope Laboratory of Medical Clinic in University Clinic Tübingen

The three-storey new building nestles snugly into the slope of Tübingen Schnarrenberg. The architectural composition of the two interpenetrated buildings is characterised by well-proportioned bright perforated façade with selected coloured window frames and external staircase. The light-flooded entrance hall is characterised by a filigree post-and-beam façade.The light-flooded entrance hall with gallery welcomes visitors with an installation by the artist Josef Bücheler. The Visitors go through the reception directly to the nuclear medical diagnostic service with a waiting space as well as the patient and personnel sluices, labour rooms, adjoining rooms, seminar rooms and clinic library. Visitors can reach the interdisciplinary radioisotope laboratory with offices by a generous stairs or a lift in the entrance hall. The ground floor accommodates the therapy stations of nuclearmedicine with twelve patient beds, sluices, and controlled patience entrance as well as store rooms. There are waste water system with 120 m³ capacities, ventilation centre with isotope filter and technical rooms in the unexposed area. The modern building enables a trend-setting work and research for the nuclear medicinal clinic with the highest technical standard as well as the shortest way to the neighbour university clinics.

  • Building cost: 10.600,00 €
  • Gross floor area: 4.200 m²
  • Gross cubic volume: 18.500 m³
  • Planning service: Phase 2 – 8

Client State of Baden-Württemberg

Project address: Schnarrenbergstr. 1, 72076 Tübingen