Office Portrait

We are an internationally active architectural practice being established in 1953 and situated in Nürtingen and Stuttgart, Germany.

Currently about 50 experienced employees and qualified team leaders are developing demanding projects in the fields of architecture, urban development and design. The practice is successfully led by the Directors, Jörg Weinbrenner, Karl-Heinz Single and Afshin Arabzadeh who work closely with the staff members.

Our architecture reflects the enthusiasm we bring up to express the synergy of material and surroundings impressed by the given environment and its historical background. In respect of our clients requirements and expectations we further economical and considerate exploitation of natural resources by dominating with the latest technology in functionality and construction.

The appropriate solution of each project is never a question of style or bearing a signature, it rather requires to undertake a detailed evaluation of the projects opportunities and limitations as well as the collaboration of all experts involved being power engineering & air-conditioning technology, structural engineering, landscape architects, or parties of the protection of historical building department and art & design.

Thus we are committed to deliver unique architecture that impress found characters of the site conditions but still stands out significantly and being considerably reduced to their essentials.

Always striving for the reconciliation of both functionality and sensuality.