Parliament of German-speaking Community in Eupen/Belgium

Awarding authority: Parliament of German-speaking Community

The new building is perpendicular to the existing building. The entrance with consideration of the topography in the south-east appears transparent and inviting. The visitors are welcomed to the gallery of the plenary hall in the south circular space. The parliamentarians reach the plenary hall by using a dynamic spiral stairs. The reception building is inserted into the old building on the west side. It opens up to the permanent exhibition as well as the entire existing building. There is a clear structured function distribution organised without any spatial-visual limitation. The plenary hall: a space, introvert in its round-shaped form and simultaneously extrovert over the transparency to the government park. A cross in the roof landscape of the Plenum emphasizes the centre of the structure and highlights significant values of the parliamentary task. Day lighting is brought to the plenary hall through the glass joint. The twisted path: A path for the communication, a touch for interchange of ideas. The surrounding nature is a valuable part of the entire which is also an integrated part of the democratic decision determination.