Passive Energy Office Building in Weilheim/ Teck

The office building for an engineer company in Weilheim/ Teck is the first passive-energy office building in Baden-Württemberg with a specific heating energy need of 11, 2 kWh/m³. The first prize winning building located in a train station area which is surrounded by a two-storey residential building. The compact building with wooden cladding and a recessed attic storey offers workplaces for 43 employees. There is a communication zone with an open stairs which connect all storeys. The offices with meeting area are located in the north and south in the attic storey. The joistless post-and-beam construction enables a high flexibility in the interior. The passive house standard is achieved by the use of compact and insulated building structure, passive solar energy, consequent zoning in cold and warm areas, intelligent use of head loads and ventilation system with heat recovery as well as geothermal energy.

In winter the air supply with be warmed by the geothermal heat changer into 10°C and in summer the air supply will be cooled. Building components will be also cooled by night ventilation. The use of electrical energy is reduced by an optimal lighting concept with a light controlling system and an automatic light adjustment system. PV system covers one third of the energy demand. The service water is produced by rainwater collector. Biological research is carried out to reduce the percentage of harmful substances of the building material.

  • Building cost: 1.745.000 €
  • Gross floor area: 2.500,00 m² 
  • Gross cubic volume: 5.540,00 m³
  • Planning service Phase 1 - 8

Client: Ms. Kuckluck-Rothfuß

Project address: Bahnhofstraße 4

73235 Weilheim/Teck