Realization Competition and Master Plan for Extension of WERMA Signal Technique in Rietheim-Weilheim

Awarding authority: WERMA Signal Technique GmbH & Co. KG in Rietheim-Weilheim

A master plan should enable a sustainable development of the company in the aspects of functionality and town planning. The extension of the first construction phase is carried out through addition of another storey. The areas fulfil the requirements of the development and marketing … With that the first construction phase will not have to take place in the surrounding ground. A building of such a big scale should have their individual areas optional connected. 

Therefore we suggest a multi-function connection axis… The staircase in the spacious glazed corridor encourages the informal and internal communication. Integrated adjoining rooms and meeting rooms make the space more than just a circulation area. 

The factory road begins in the heart of the building and ends in the east, in the central courtyard for delivery … It functions like a shipping pier. The individual new buildings are like the ships docking at the pier. This docking principle is used as the principle for flexibility. 

Our planning consists of suggestions for allocation of different functions and construction phases … The location, the dimension and the timing are the factors in order to set a future-oriented and flexible concept.