Realization Competition for West Park School - Children Day Care Centre in Sheridan Area of Augsburg

Awarding authority: State of Augsburg

The day care centre will look after children up to the age of 10 years old. The children will be taken care and educated in their social and personal development. Three different categories of schooling which are kindergarten, preliminary school and elementary school will be built in distinguishable architectures. The different age-groups are placed in three individual buildings with different orientations, interior designs and floors. The transition area is situated where two buildings interpenetrate. The children from familiar surrounding have the opportunity to experience a new environment

The transition across the age-groups becomes more exciting through these spatial experiences. An atrium connects all three buildings in their intersections. The free-form buildings enable orientation in the south, west as well as east for classes and common rooms. The barrier-free building is accessible by using an elevator.