Renovation and Extension of City Hall Beuren

The medieval City Hall Beuren built in 1556 is situated in the historical centre on the thoroughfare from Linsenhofen to Owen. It doesn’t meet the technical or architectural expectation of the citizens for a modern service centre. The modern extension is connected to the old building by a vertical component. The extension strongly orientates towards the proportion of the historical building. It interprets the elements of the historical building in its façade like the generous opening of the citizen office to the main road, the overhang upper level in the south with ambulatories or the stringent rows of windows. An inviting central contact point for the citizens is located in the ground floor which is made of glass and opens up to the Linsenhofer Street.

There are administrative offices in the first floor, finance department in the attic floor and social room in the pediment. The historical city hall is completely cored. The citizen form in the ground floor opens up to Karl Plaza with a multi-functional room. The historical council hall in the first floor and the beam ceiling are restored in their primitive situations. There is a conference hall under the high purlin roof whose medieval construction is almost restored. The town planning and architecture planning for the long term consider the extension spaces for the future as well as an underground car park in the north of the new building.

  • Building cost: 3.820.000 €
  • Gross floor area: old building: 327, 00 m² / new building: 845, 00 m²
  • Gross cubic volume: old building: 1.460,00 m³ / new building: 3.270,00 m³ 

Client: Community of Beuren, 72660 Beuren