Realization Competition for Retail Concept of Terminal 3 in Frankfurt am Main

Awarding authority: Fraport AG, State of Frankfurt am Main

Correspond with feeling and observation – DYNAMIC! Security by ORIENTATION! Colour as a second design element – THE GREEN SPACE!

A colour characterises the space in different tonality: not the diversity of the elements should be emphasized, but their harmony. Unity in the diversity lightens the apprehension of the surroundings. Greenery characterises the space: Greenery in the form of natural and hanging plant curtains are placed along the way on the ceiling. Greenery on the floor differentiates recreation space and walkway. Greenery as natural lawn is designed in the viewing area. Floral pattern in big printed format and as structural elements are designed in the retail and gastronomy areas. 

Green is the colour of relaxation, peace, freshness and growth as well as signal colour of the approval (green traffic light). In addition, what is important between Germany and the world: Green is not only positive in our Christian culture but also in the international culture. The colour of green is for example the colour of Islam, it also stands for positivism in Asia. 

»All theory, dear friend, is grey, but the golden tree of life springs ever green.« (Mephisto in Goethes »Faust«)