Clinic for Inpatient Treatment in Bad Saulgau

The special challenge of the task for us was the sensible use of the landscape with expansive views to and from the new building. We were looking for an architecture that fits in the landscape in consideration of materiality and structure, which is not hidden and rather represent itself powerfully and confidently as a place of healing to the outside world.
The great mass of the new building, approximately 25,000 cbm is so divided that the building not only harmoniously integrated into the landscape, but also meets the functional and in particular the atmospheric demands for a specialised hospital in an optimal way.
The new building has differentiated respond to the existing slope.
The "stepped" elevated base level which responds to the slope houses all functional rooms and therapy rooms as well as the common areas. A continuous and well oriented magistrale that is parallel to Siebenkreuzerweg with an open view to the monastery Siessen connects all levels and functions of the building.
The elevated base level as the main artery of the new building can be experienced through the magistrale with good orientation as a contiguous space although it is split over three levels. The magistrale concentrates on the one hand the patient flow which is made possible by open views to the outside an easy orientation within the building; on the other, it forms a lively and informally meeting space for patients and therapists.
We have split the living quarters of the patients into three clear cubic units which are placed on the elevated base floor. This forms a clear readability of the functional and residential areas and it also creates a desired architectural proportion of the entire building. The residential areas are connected directly to the magistrale. French windows in every room allow one to have an open view to the beautiful landscape of Upper Swabia. The residential towers on the base level are twisted and shifted so that they do not cover each other and guarantee the residents of all living areas an open view to the landscape.
A natural cladding made of local larch wood that will have a silvery gray color in the course of time helps to ensure that the large building is taken as part of the landscape.
We were looking for an architecture that helps to aid people in difficult circumstances and makes them feel appreciated.

  • Building cost: 15.700.00 €
  • Gross floor area: 6.900,00 m²
  • Gross cubic volume: 26.700,00 m³

Client: Die Zieglerschen e.V.

Fachklinik Höchsten
Sonnenhof 1
88348 Bad Saulgau

Pictures: Gerd Jütten -