Synagogue Square in Tübingen

Since the mid-19th century many Jews moved to Tübingen from the surrounding villages. They built a small synagogue in the Gartenstraße 33 in year 1882 which was burnt down on 9 November 1938. In year 1998 Jörg Weinbrenner from Stuttgart and sculptor Gert Riel from Remshalden won the competition organised by the »Monument Synagogue Square«. 

The Synagogue Square is a narrow area of some 2 hectares. Only the inscription of the Lützel fountain evokes the incident on 9 November 1938. The idea of this design project is to create a new commemoration which not only reminds of the crime but also indicates the handling of memory in present day. The Lützel fountain is surrounded by a steel box with 94 openings which is visibly with its inscription. The 94 abstracted steel quadrates indicate the displaced and murdered Jews. The fountain water in the elevated water channel flows to 2 steel steles, » the place against forgetting«. Text board on the steles informs about the history of the town and the destruction of its synagogue. Some other text boards document the problems dealing with the memory of this place. Its strict aesthetic is concentrating and at the same time provoking.

Client: Project Group Synagogue Square

Project address: Gartenstraße, Synagogenplatz
72074 Tübingen